" First Sun's approach is simple, but powerful. They provide a robust service menu that emphasizes the importance of on-site consultants. First Sun understands and anticipates the often hectic, changing schedule of the human resources professional by adapting and providing needed flexibility. I highly recommend First Sun. "

- Jeff Dowgos
K. Hovnanian Homes - HR Manager

Fast Track / Quick Start Program

 This program has been invaluable for my transitioning employees and I have been able to fit the services into my budget.”

- Sr HR National Retail Stores

Optional Salaried Individual Program (recommended for salaried positions $30-50K)

  • Up to 8 hours of one-on-one consulting
  • Job Search Preparation: Preparation involves exit planning, market statement development, separation document review and counsel, emotional support system and job search calendar development. Candidates may also meet with a certified financial planner.
  • Assessments: Assessment tools help individuals evaluate their style, skills, rewards, values and career interests.
  • Resume, References and Communication Tools: Our services include professional resume development services; coaching on how to select, manage and communicate with references; and training on e-mail and cover letter writing skills with examples.
  • Marketing Campaign, Process Management and Coaching: Initially, our coaches meet with candidates to develop marketing strategies for search firms, network contacts, advertised positions and company targets. The coach and candidate establish campaign management methods, and the coach works with the candidate throughout the program, including job offer evaluations and negotiation.
  • Resources: Candidates are invited to special events on career transition related subjects such as: networking groups, buying a business and considering franchise opportunities.
  • 24/7 Online Technology Training and Tools: While technology can never replace human interaction, we support our face-to-face and one-on-one coaching with the online tools provided by Career Shift.

Group Workshops - Most Cost Effective & Highest ROI

First Sun was excellent in executing their workshops for our transitioning employees.  With over 300 employees,  everyone moved forward and what I have seen with their programs/services was very positive and obviously effective with their  ’one on one’  approach for my transitioning employees.   These programs were the most cost effective approach for my company and budget.”

- Sr HR National Retail Stores

Group workshops provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to implement a successful job search campaign. Participants practice interviewing and networking and learn the aspects of resume development based upon identification of career accomplishments. All participants will receive materials related to the topics covered in the Group Workshop.

Workshop Contents

  • Managing Change
  • Stress management (including dealing with family and friends)
  • Career evaluation; determination of future options and direction
  • Identification of career accomplishments & marketable skills
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Networking techniques
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Salary negotiation
  • Alternative career choices
  • Writing effective job search campaign letters (targeted, cover, broadcast)
  • Personal financial planning
  • Resume discussions and development (functional, chronological, headline)
  • Establishing a structured job search campaign and keeping it organized
  • Penetrating the job market (agencies and recruiters, advertisements)
  • Your Internet Footprint and Managing Web resources

First Sun’s Comprehensive Career Transition Programs put the best career transition coaches, tools, methods and strategies at candidate’s disposal.

Retirement Transition Programs/Services

At first I did not see the need of services(Retirement Transition) my company offered me prior to my retirement. Then I explored the programs/services that First Sun had to offer & it was astonished. I not only found many options that were available but I really found outwhat do I want to dofor the rest of my life.  It was well worth my time.”

Sam- VP Manufacturing

Retirement Transition Programs/Services:

First Sun Consulting, LLc helps you see the bigger picture, beyond financial calculations and planning leisure activities to giving you a reason to get up in the morning; finding your passion and purpose.

Current statistics show for many people the retirement stage of their life will be longer than the span of their career, so planning ahead is essential.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience:

  • Find your purpose, passion and dreams;
  • Discover your authentic self;
  • Identify your areas of strength, those that are satisfactory, and those needing focus;
  • Identify new short and long term goals in all areas of life;
  • Learn how to enjoy life;
  • Determine whether you will work and how it will be structured if you do;
  • Create a balanced lifestyle;
  • Do things never before attempted;
  • Find a rewarding way of giving your talents and gifts in the community;
  • Get organized;
  • Clear old clutter (mentally, physically and emotionally);
  • Help you overcome fears and other mental and emotional barriers;
  • Test your assumptions, ideas and models about retirement;
  • Assist you in resolving timing issues, for example a spouse who still works, meeting the care needs of family members, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas for entrepreneurship in retirement.

This comprehensive coaching program includes:

  • Abilities Assessment – identify your skill strengths and gaps;
  • Competency Assessment – examine passions, values, ecosystems and lifestyle to identify core competencies, strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate these within the goal of effective transition;
  • Retirement Development Plan – establish concrete goals.

Request a RFP today for more details of our to assist you/your employees.

Relocation Spousal/Partner Job Search Assistance

"For our company to recruit, employ, relocate & retain 'highly talented' personnel in today's market you are dealing with a dual spousal/partner with their own professional career/direction.

First Sun made that transition smoothly for assisting each spousal/partner with local consultants for re-employment in their new area along with our company avoiding the time/cost of 'turnover' of personnel in the near future."

- HR Manager – Auto Manufacturer

Relocation Spousal/Partner Job Search Assistance – First Sun Consulting, LLc

Relocations often fail when a dual-career spouse or partner is unable to find the right job in a new community or country. While you’re working to make your employees' transition successful, we empower spouses and partners to take the right steps in their career as well.

Our coaches have the location- and industry-specific knowledge to maximize career opportunities and move careers forward. As you support spouse/partner career needs, you allow your employees to gain peace of mind at home, so they can be more focused and productive at work.

Support employees and families for seamless transitions.

A coach who is familiar with the local area will help spouses/partners target specific industries and companies, overcome cultural nuances and develop a strong network in the new community. We allow individuals to start and stop their job search program as needed, giving them time to focus on the relocation while always having support available. Our career coaching is complimented by our online career and transition center. The portal offers spouses/partners interactive, industry-leading career tools for every aspect of the job search.

Major components of Job Search Assistance include:

  1. Career/Skill Assessment
  2. Resume Development
  3. Virtual Interview and Coaching Tools
  4. Salary/Offer Negotiation Resources and Strategies
  5. FSC Award Winning Social Media Education (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+)
  6. Access to over 200K+ FSC Social Media Network
  7. Social Networking Guidance
  8. Career Continuation Plans
  9. Visa and Work Permit Support

Request a RFP  today for more details of our ‘highly outcome based’ outplacement services/programs to assist you/your employees & Drive Higher ROI for you/your organization (Best Landing Rates in Industry).


ReEmployment Programs/Services - Company’s Re-Org, M&A, Downsizing, etc.

" Our company recently had a M&A acquisition in which many of our employee(s) were having to 're-employ' for new positions within our organization.  Many & if not all had not interviewed or prepared a resume in a very long time (some over 20 years) & were having to interview for new positions within the company.

The First Sun Team came onsite & worked with each of our employee(s) during working hours to without disrupting our workflow.  It was a very smooth transition & more importantly kept morale very high along with staying under budget."

 Jean, VP HR - International Chemical Company

FSC Re-Employment Programs/Services:

Change is a constant denominator in today's Corporate Environment.  With today's constant buyouts, mergers, & consolidations of company's today, question needs to asked:

'How to retain/allocate talent within your New Organization?'

FSC Re-Employment Programs/Services make that transition for both your employee(s) & company very smoothly & effectively.

Major components of FSC Re-Employment Programs/Services include:

  1. Career/Skill Assessment
  2. Resume Development
  3. Virtual Interview and Coaching Tools
  4. Interview skill assessment & constant review.
  5. Assessment/preview of previous interviews.
  6. Access to FSC Award Winning Social Media Network (FSC Career Blog Library, FSC Career Modules, FSC LinkedIn Network, etc.)

To ensure a 'successful & seamless' corporate transition, contact us today for a RFP Today!

                 Higher Engagement + Faster Landings = Lower Costs/Higher ROI for you/your Organization

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The Team Members,

First Sun Consulting, LLC