Career Transition Programs

" It was an excellent learning experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from First Sun’s Career Transition Programs. The entire process was positive. "

- Rich

VP Sales – Technology Company

Distinctive Elements of First Sun’s Executive Coaching Program

Our Comprehensive Career Transition Program:

Our Comprehensive Career Transition Program consists of private career consulting from one(1), three(3), six(6), twelve(12) months or longer. Period of services is allocated to transitioning employee which is consistent with annual salary. Obviously, the higher the salary, the longer the search. (note: generally for every $10K earned it can take up to 1.5 months for re-employment)

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Key Components of Our Executive Coaching Services

Job Search Preparation

Preparation involves exit planning, market statement development, separation document review and counsel, emotional support system and job search calendar development. Candidates may also meet with a certified financial planner.


Assessment tools help individuals evaluate their style, skills, rewards, values and career interests.
Resume, References and Communication Tools: Our services include professional resume development services; coaching on how to select, manage and communicate with references; and training on e-mail and cover letter writing skills with examples.

Marketing Campaign, Process Management and Coaching

Initially, our coaches meet with candidates to develop marketing strategies for search firms, network contacts, advertised positions and company targets. The coach and candidate establish campaign management methods, and the coach works with the candidate throughout the program, including job offer evaluations and negotiation.


Candidates are invited to special events on career transition related subjects such as: networking groups, buying a business and considering franchise opportunities.

24/7 Online Technology Training and Tools: While technology can never replace human interaction, we support our face-to-face and one-on-one coaching with the online tools provided by Career Shift.

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