Your #Career : It’s Time to Say It: #Retirement Is Dead. This Is What Will Take Its Place…The Tired Old Notion of #Retiring is Absolutely the Wrong Way to Think about the Most Important Part of your Life.

We get old when the weight of our memories and regrets starts to exceed that of our dreams. When it to comes to the topic of retirement, the old rules no longer apply. In 1935, when the Social Security act was passed, the age of retirement was set at 65. At the time, the average life expectancy was […]

#Leadership : Take These Steps To Boost Morale After #Layoffs …The #Employees who Remain After a Round of Layoffs will Likely have High #Anxiety. Here’s How to Lessen the Impact & Get Everyone Back on Track.

You might think that employees who survive layoffs feel lucky or valued, but a study by outplacement provider RiseSmart finds that surviving team members have unique challenges that can hurt their productivity, and 43% of companies are not prepared for the impact. “Most of the focus is on the employees who are leaving, and that’s understandable,” says Dan Davenport, […]

#Leadership : The Hidden Status Battles That Can Roil the Office…When #Bosses Offer Promotions & other #Rewards, They may Not Realize the #Conflicts they’re Unleashing on #Teams .

Every day, managers bestow perks they believe are positives—publicly giving awards and recognition, giving someone a desk with a window, increasing employees’ responsibilities, and so forth. What managers don’t realize is the damage these acts do. Sure, they may notice changes at the office. Maybe one employee suddenly begins to dominate the conversation at meetings, […]

Your #Career : The Big Changes Ahead For #BoomerWorkers …Boomers & #GenXers : Your Working World is in for Major Disruptions Between Now & 2030, According to a New Report from the Management Consulting Firm Bain & Company.

Boomers and Gen Xers: Your working world is in for major disruptions between now and 2030, according to a new report from the management consulting firm Bain & Company. “The depth and breadth of changes in the 2020s will set apart this transformation from many previous ones,” said the report, Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, […]

Your #Career : How to Follow Up on Your Job Application…. Meticulously, you Complete the #OnlineApplication, attach your #CoverLetter and #Resume & Send Everything Off! Now What?

You’ve invested a lot of time in your job search – researching job openings, identifying companies, perfecting your resume, and sharpening your interview skills. Now, you’re ready to take the first big step. You’ve found a perfect role just opened at your dream company. Meticulously, you complete the online application, attach your cover letter and resume and send everything off! Now what? You should proactively follow up […]

Your #Career : These Are 6 Red Flags That You Shouldn’t Take The Job….If you See One or More of these Warning signs During your #Interview, Maybe this Isn’t the #Workplace for You.

The average job hunt takes the better part of three months, according to job search platform TalentWorks. That’s a long time to have your mind focused on how to land the interview, prepare, and make the best impression to get hired. So, it’s no wonder that, once there, many job seekers overlook red flags that they […]

#Leadership : 15 Timeless #PresidentialQuotes on Leadership for Presidents Day…These Iconic #LeadershipQuotes will Continue to Stand the Test of Time.

Great lessons can be learned from looking back through history and many leadership principles are timeless. Enjoy this President's Day list of iconic leadership quotes from 15 American presidents. Add your favorite presidential quite in the comments section. George Washington: "99% of failures come from people who make excuses." John Adams: "If your actions inspire others to […]

#Leadership : 6 Things #SuccessfulPeople Do When they Return From a Long Weekend… An Extra Day Off Makes Snapping Out of Weekend Mode that Much Harder.

• Some people across the US received some extra time off thanks to Presidents' Day. • Business Insider spoke with several productivity and work experts to get tips on how to bounce back from a long weekend. • They recommended hitting the ground running on your first day back. Some people around the US receive […]

Your #Career : #CareerAdvice 4 Beliefs to Drop When #ChangingCareers …Here are Four Beliefs I had to Drop in Order to Step Off the Beaten Path of a Traditional, Linear Career and find Work that I Found Truly Meaningful.

My career has not followed a linear path. After two weeks of medical school, I left to instead pursue a marketing career, walking away from years of educational investment. A few years later, I moved from San Francisco to London, creating another detour in my career. Then, after ten years in the corporate world, I left my […]

Your #Career : The Fastest Path to the #CEOJob, According to a 10-Year Study…Some People’s #Careers Take Off, while Others’ Take Longer — or Even Stall Out.

Common wisdom says that the former attend elite MBA programs, land high-powered jobs right out of school at prestigious firms, and climb the ladder straight to the top, carefully avoiding risky moves. But our data shows a completely different picture. We conducted a 10-year study, which we call the CEO Genome Project, in which we assembled […]