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Your #Career : How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You an Interview…When Applying for a New Job, Details Matter. Your Resume Might be Perfect but Without a Proper Cover Letter you May Not Get that Coveted Interview.

Your resume might be up to par, but that certainly isn’t going to be the only thing that gets you an interview. What will get you noticed and give you the best shot at getting an interview is the right cover letter. The best cover letters are the ones that show you care about standing out […]

#Leadership : How To Finally Stop Taking Useless Notes At Work….Those Note-Taking Methods that Got you through College Don’t always Cut It In the Workplace.

Whether you’re a student, you’re taking down notes during meetings, or you’re a regular at industry lectures and conferences, effective note taking is a skill you could probably benefit from. Although we tend to take notes for years when we’re in school, most of us don’t ever learn how to take effective notes, and we’re […]

#Leadership : 7 Ways to Help Your Employees Become Better Problem-Solvers…Your Employees are the Ones Who will Carry your Business to Success. So, Follow these Steps to Enable them to Tackle Problems on their Own.

As an manager/entrepreneur, you're the visionary and leader of your company, but your employees are the ones who will carry your business to success. They're carrying out your vision, working with your customers and coming up with ideas of their own when need be. Related: 4 Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems and Stop them Before They Happen […]

Your #Career : 6 Benefits of Joining a Professional Community… Opening yourself Up to New Ideas and Contacts is Rarely a Bad Decision.

Professional communities offer plenty of benefits on general entrepreneurship and more niche-focused communities. Some popular options include Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), YPO and Startup Grind. If you aren’t taking advantage of what professional communities have to offer in terms of mentorship, advice, networking and support, then you're missing out.  While it would be impossible to join […]

Your #Career : 19 Unprofessional Habits that make Hiring Managers Hate You…If There’s One Time you Really Need to Make a Good Impression During your Job Search, It’s When you’re Interacting with the Hiring Manger.

As Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an etiquette and civility expert and the author of "Don't Burp in the Boardroom," tells Business Insider, interviews with hiring managers are often the most important. If you're qualified for the job, it's easy enough to satisfy a screener or recruiter's requirements — if you have the required skills, you're in. And meetings […]

#Leadership : Don’t Just Build a Great Company Culture; 7 Ways to Build a Real Community…Most Businesses Hope to Build a Community of Customers… But Why Not Start by Building a Community Within your Organization?

A great company culture -- one that helps you recruit, retain, and motivate the right employees for your business -- is hard to build and even harder to maintain, especially when you grow rapidly. When your core group is optimistic, passionate, and hard working, that becomes infectious. But still: growth makes maintaining that culture extremely […]

#Leadership : 5 Management Strategies to Make Leaders Out of Millenials…Don’t Get Distracted by the Stereotypes. Drill Down Into the Individuals you’re Mentoring and Learn What Makes them Tick.

 I've been training millennials to be leaders for a long time and I'll let you know a few secrets that are key to turning a millennial into an effective leader: 1-Understand what drives them. No, I don't mean get hip to twitter or whatever's trending at the moment, I mean really understand their motivations. I […]

#Leadership : 5 Reasons Why Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Fail….Pull Back the Veil of Good Intentions to Discover What Diversity and Inclusion Should Really be About: People.

Most diversity and inclusion initiatives look and sound great. They are usually well-meaning, too. But a vast number of these initiatives prove ineffective or fail within a year or two. Why? Start talking to the people who put them together – whether they are diverse or non-diverse, male or female, young or old – and […]

#Leadership : 3 Things to Say to a Grieving Co-Worker When You’re at a Loss for Words…If you’ve Ever Found yourself Fumbling to Find the Right Words to Express your Condolences, you’re Not Alone.

About a year into my career as a therapist, my mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Returning to work a few days after the funeral was tough. But, the kindness of my co-workers made it a little easier. Then, three years later, my 26-year-old husband passed away. My co-workers were incredibly supportive with their words […]

#Leadership : How to Engage Employees Through Your Company Vision Statement…The Better Employees Understand and Align with the Vision Statement, the Higher the Chances of their Staying on Board and Being Happier to Contribute.

When the Walt Disney Co. was created in 1923, it had a simple vision. The company wanted to be the “world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” Furthermore, it sought to “develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.” Related: Vision Statements: Why You Need One and […]