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Your #Career : How To Talk About The Gap In Your #WorkHistory ..Sometimes, Addressing it Directly Can Be your Best Option.

Whether you’re gearing up for a triumphant return to the workforce or grappling with the best way to explain a recent gap in your employment history, addressing time away from the professional world can be a daunting task. Given that a glaring hole on your resume will likely be a red flag to prospective employers, you’ll want […]

Your #Career : Talkaholics Sink Partnerships, Presentations—and Careers…Long-Winded Executives Think they’re Personable, But Loquaciousness can Turn Off Colleagues & Potential Clients.

She yammered on and on—and then talked some more.  The very chatty woman was interviewing this fall to become a vice president of water utility Aqua America Inc. But during her corner office session with Chief Executive Christopher Franklin, she spent 25 minutes answering his initial question. Her next reply lasted another 25 minutes. “I felt like I was […]

#Leadership : Got a #ProblemEmployee ? Being a Fix-It Boss Doesn’t Help Things… #Leaders Fixated on Assisting #WeakPerformers May Hurt Everyone—Themselves Included.

Most bosses know they can succeed by making their lieutenants look good. But some well-meaning executives work too hard to fix weak staffers, putting themselves in a messy career fix. Overly focused on assisting underperformers—even taking over subordinates’ toughest tasks at times—these fixers tend to lose demoralized stars. Rescuers also risk being viewed as poor […]

#Leadership : 3 Questions the Best #Leaders Ask Their Remote Teams Every Week…If you’re Not Asking These your #RemoteEmployees these Questions every #Meeting, You’re in Trouble.

I can't lie, I used to think having remote workers was a terrible idea. I couldn't see any path where working remotely created a better and more effective team. Having said that, the realities of commuting, employee demands, and cost have flipped the traditional work model on its head and has even forced some of my own team to […]

#Leadership : 12 Ways to Automate #YourBusiness & Boost Efficiency…With the Right Systems, You can Maximize #Efficiency & #Profits.

Too often, repetition, waste, and unnecessary bureaucracy slow down business. Members of The Oracles share their systems to streamline your business to run like a Swiss watch. Patrick Byrne Image credit: The Oracles 1. Implement AI and machine learning. It’s now possible to convert your business metrics into data points and then turn those data points over […]

#Leadership : Hiring Remote Workers Made My Entire #Team More Productive…One CEO Explains How Surprised he was to Find the #RemoteTeams he Hired Reshaping his Company’s In-Office #WorkCulture for the Better.

“Want to get lunch?”  This is a phrase you’ll rarely hear at our office. It’s not that we don’t eat or spend time together, but it’s physically impossible for our entire team to be in the same place at the same time. Sixty percent of our team works remotely, so for us, grabbing lunch is, “let’s […]

Your #Career : Bigger Companies Once Meant Much Bigger #Pay , No More…For Decades, even Lower-Paid Workers could Boost their #Pay by Moving to a Bigger Employer. No Longer.

The significant pay premium that Americans used to receive for working at large companies has shrunk rapidly in recent decades, especially for lower-wage workers, a new study finds. For the last century, economists have noted that similar workers tend to earn significantly more at large firms than at small ones—a premium that worked out to […]

Your #Career : Three Ways To Highlight Your Career Successes On Your Resume…Stop Lamenting your Lack of Work Success & Make the Most of your Unique Background with these Tips for Helping your #Resume Stand Out from the Pack.

It’s amazing how often someone I’m working with will begin lamenting their lack of career success. And almost every time, during the course of our chatting and doing a “deep dive” into this person’s work history, I’ll come away dumbfounded at how wrong they are. It’s not that you don’t have enough successes; it’s that […]

#Leadership : How To Lead A Productive #PerformanceReview …How Can you Make the Performance Review something of Value for You & your Employee?

Employees dread the performance review. They look to this yearly evaluation with angst, annoyance and anger. It’s a measure of their whole year bottled into a one- to two-hour meeting that will determine their promotion, raise, etc. They often don’t even leave with feedback on how to grow; it’s mostly a waste of time. Leaders […]