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First Sun Consulting, LLC is proud to introduce you to our First Sun Career Modules. First Sun Consulting, LLC main focus is to find the ‘best’ content for our clients whether it is internal or external. Our mission/goal here at First Sun Consulting, LLC is to one person, You.

With that said, First Sun Consulting, LLC has partnered/connected with LinkedIn, the world’s largest provider of job search, to provide these great ‘quick’ (1 to 3 minutes) entertaining and informative videos for yourjob search. (please disregard the short ads)

To start, I would highly recommend you to view the first two videos first below for those who have recently been laid off. These are videos on steps will assist you to organize your job search. In the meantime, enjoy the videos, and we welcome both your comments and suggestions.

As always do not hesitate to call upon any Team Members here at First Sun or your First Sun Consultant that is assigned to you. We look forward in working with you and moving you forward to your next job.

Our best to you,

- First Sun Service Team

#1 How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Please Allow 20 Seconds to Download

Learn how to use social media to find a job from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.

Social media is this amazing platform for building a reputation, even when you’re not looking for a job. It’s to have a voice even READ MORE...


#2 LinkedIn & Social Media Training Course

Best Training Course in the Industry, Online!

Job Search, Increasing Network, Generate Leads, Acquire Customers & Build Thought Leadership


35+ live-action HD videos and resources for job seekers, business professionals, sales & recruiters

Why Take This Course?

  • Rapidly Accelerate the Growth of your Professional Network with Social Sync (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  • Find LinkedIn Groups where your Job Decision Makers, Clients, Management, etc.
  • Get a vanity URL for your profile and blogging on LinkedIn
  • Best practices for Managing Job Search, B2B Social Networks, & LinkedIn Groups
  • Exclusive interviews with Company Decision Maker, Recruiters, Sales Professionals & B2B Community Managers

LinkedIn/Social Media Training includes Demos on How to Increase your Network for Job Search, Build Stronger Relationships with Job Decision Makers, Develop New Business & Generate Leads.  Leverage the world’s largest online professional network with 310+ million members worldwide, 3 million company pages and corporate hiring managers from 94 of the Fortune 100.

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