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Outplacement Services and Career Transition Programs

Since 1991, First Sun ConsultingLLC has provided corporate outplacement services and career transition programs for employees during downsizing, retirement, or a change in a company’s branding.

First Sun Consulting, LLC’s highly outcome based programs and services are centered around a one-on-one consultant approach, which is combined with our award winning cloud-based technology tools. Learn more about our Outplacement services and our Career Transition Programs.

First Sun Consulting, LLC  provides a strategic balance of cloud-based technology tools and  highly rated “Touch Point’ consulting.   Our clients experience a positive re-employment outcome because we have local consultants ready to assist you and your career transitioning employees.

Our goal is simple:  Prepare the transitioning employee to be re-hired in the job that best fits their skill sets, talents, &  goals.

First Sun Consulting, LLC also understands that reducing the 'you/your transitioning employee(s) unemployment time frame', drastically diminishes company's COBRA , and Unemployment Costs, as well as reducing the possibility of litigation.

Contact us today and let's have a conversation on a 'cost effective' plan for you/your transitioning employee(s).

What Our Outplacement Services and Career Transition Programs Can Do For You

First Sun Consulting, LLC is more than just a user name and password based program, it is a commitment to your transitioning employee to find their next job.  This is why First Sun offers outplacement services to all of your transitioning employees until placed or re-hired.  An unmatched service in this industry!

First Sun Consulting, LLC, has over 200 affiliate offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & Worldwide to provide a ‘seamless’ delivery of programs/services to you & your employees. Explore the power of our network to move you/your employee(s) rapidly toward re-employment.

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