" First Sun's approach is simple, but powerful. They provide a robust service menu that emphasizes the importance of on-site consultants. First Sun understands and anticipates the often hectic, changing schedule of the human resources professional by adapting and providing needed flexibility. I highly recommend First Sun. "

- Jeff Dowgos
K. Hovnanian Homes - HR Manager

Fast Track / Quick Start Program

 This program has been invaluable for my transitioning employees and I have been able to fit the services into my budget.”

- Sr HR National Retail Stores

Optional Salaried Individual Program (recommended for salaried positions $30-50K)

  • Up to 8 hours of one-on-one consulting
  • Job Search Preparation: Preparation involves exit planning, market statement development, separation document review and counsel, emotional support system and job search calendar development. Candidates may also meet with a certified financial planner.
  • Assessments: Assessment tools help individuals evaluate their style, skills, rewards, values and career interests.
  • Resume, References and Communication Tools: Our services include professional resume development services; coaching on how to select, manage and communicate with references; and training on e-mail and cover letter writing skills with examples.
  • Marketing Campaign, Process Management and Coaching: Initially, our coaches meet with candidates to develop marketing strategies for search firms, network contacts, advertised positions and company targets. The coach and candidate establish campaign management methods, and the coach works with the candidate throughout the program, including job offer evaluations and negotiation.
  • Resources: Candidates are invited to special events on career transition related subjects such as: networking groups, buying a business and considering franchise opportunities.
  • 24/7 Online Technology Training and Tools: While technology can never replace human interaction, we support our face-to-face and one-on-one coaching with the online tools provided by Career Shift.

Group Workshops

First Sun was excellent in executing their workshops for our transitioning employees.  With over 300 employees,  everyone moved forward and what I have seen with their programs/services was very positive and obviously effective with their  ’one on one’  approach for my transitioning employees.   These programs were the most cost effective approach for my company and budget.”

- Sr HR National Retail Stores

Group workshops provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to implement a successful job search campaign. Participants practice interviewing and networking and learn the aspects of resume development based upon identification of career accomplishments. All participants will receive materials related to the topics covered in the Group Workshop.

Workshop Contents

  • Managing Change
  • Stress management (including dealing with family and friends)
  • Career evaluation; determination of future options and direction
  • Identification of career accomplishments & marketable skills
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Networking techniques
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Salary negotiation
  • Alternative career choices
  • Writing effective job search campaign letters (targeted, cover, broadcast)
  • Personal financial planning
  • Resume discussions and development (functional, chronological, headline)
  • Establishing a structured job search campaign and keeping it organized
  • Penetrating the job market (agencies and recruiters, advertisements)
  • Your Internet Footprint and Managing Web resources

First Sun’s Comprehensive Career Transition Programs put the best career transition coaches, tools, methods and strategies at candidate’s disposal.

FSC Cloud Based Career Platforms

With the constant & rapid change(s) in Today’s Job Market it is very imperative you understand the value Social Media in Today’s Job Search.  With that said, First Sun Consulting, LLc offers the most current/updated & Best Cloud Based Platform in the Outplacement Industry.

Below are First Sun Consulting, LLc  ‘Award Winning’ cloud base career tools are available to you/your employee(s):

FSC LinkedIn Network (under F.S. Link profile): The FSC Network is an Executive Networking Community(Now over 12K+ Growing) to collaborate, exchange, and most importantly to network in your field.  Expanding your network, discovering opportunities, and escalating knowledge of your industry, that is the purpose of this community.  Voted by ‘Most Viewed’ on LinkedIn.  Visit us @     www.linkedin.com/in/frankfsc/en

FSC Career Module:  You have access to our  ‘Award Winning’ FSC Career Modules’. This site has over 30 career modules that are short (less than 5 min), interactive, & informative.  Take a ‘sneak peak’:


FSC Facebook:  Receive the most up to date Career/Job Searching articles/blogs in the Industry:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Sun-Consulting-LLC-Outplacement-Services/213542315355343?sk=wall

FSC CareerShift:  Winner of the prestigious ‘Career Innovator Award’,  CareerShift saves time while putting you in complete control of your career and job search. From Resume Writing, Career Assessments, Cover Letters, to Company Database of over 3 million corporate companies.  (Please note: To have full access to all the FSC Career Modules & CareerShift you must contact either your local First Sun Consultant or contact our COO, Larry Nassivera @ larrynassivera@firstsun.com )

FSC Google+:  Job Searching Groups along with related articles/blogs/job postings.  https://plus.google.com/115673713231115398101/posts?hl=en

Container Search Program

I had worked with First Sun for over 10 years for my company for outplacement services and they have also filled candidates for job openings from time to time for free. Then, we had an IT posting we just could not get filled. Contingency was a waste of time and did not have the budget for retained. Asked First Sun, and they presented me their hybrid program of contingency and retain with little to no money up front. What I really liked about it was the guarantees, 6 months, now that is a firm who is a true business partner.

- HR Manager – Auto Supplier

Container Search Program – First Sun Consulting, LLC

Over the years, First Sun Consulting, LLC focus has strictly been in the areas of corporate outplacement services and programs. Through the years we have offered to our clients, at no cost, any past or existing client who we are currently providing outplacement services as a job candidate. That policy is still in effect today. (Note: I invite you to search our First Sun LinkedIn Community Page (Frank Link) for over 5K of candidates ranging from C-level on down for your position level.)

Since then, we have been approached by our client companies for searches they cannot seem to find. After endless searches for specific needs going thru the process of cogency agencies with little to no time spent unless it is in their radar, then there is no guarantees on the backend. Who wins there? Then you have direction retain search area where huge amounts of upfront money on the front end and still little or no guarantees on the back. Still no Win-Win.

After many years, consulting with many of GOA partners both here in the U.S. and worldwide, we have developed a program that is both effective but more importantly the client company, this time has a ‘vested’ partner, First Sun Consulting.

What we call it is our, Container Search Program. What it does is simply a ‘hybrid’ of both retained/contingency search. This will enable us to focus/commit to your company’s search without the additional company’s outlay. With our expert team(formerly Robert Half) have our executive search team find your candidate.

Simple terms, which First Sun Consulting, LLC Container Search Program provides:

  • Focused search for candidate through memberships of associations, competing companies, and over 3K corporate contacts through First Sun Consulting social network portals (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) . First Sun would also have access to former/past employees/candidates that your company had received for employment. Please note complete discretion/privacy is taken for each project
  • Phone screen candidates and those that meet the requirements and will be interviewed on a face to face basis or virtual bases. Once a potential candidate has gone through this duel screening process First Sun Consulting, LLC will contact the Senior Vice President of Operations and set up an interview schedule.
  • Once the candidate begins his employment, if the candidate for (6) six months is released on reasonable non- performance issues, First Sun Consulting, LLC will replace this individual with NO Costs to the company.
  • The total fee associated with this search will be 25% of the first year’s annual income plus any reasonable out of pocket expenses (i.e. . background checks, office, travel, hotel, etc.) of the candidate. These expenses will be approved by the client prior to they’re taking place. The fee is nonrefundable and will be paid in the following sequence.
  • Payment schedule of the 25% total fee structure : (note: this is a hybrid of retained/contingency search agreement)

a – 33% retainer beginning of search.
b – 67% when candidate accepts offer.

Let’s partner together and attain the talent your company needs to fill.
- The First Sun Search Team

First Sun Commitment:
First Sun offers the best value in the industry and the management at First Sun is committed to a high outcome rate for you/your employees (i.e. lower costs for your company). To demonstrate that, all First Sun Consulting Outplacement programs/services are offered “until placed or re-employed” to assist your executive employee. Unmatched in the industry!

NEW FSC Free On-Site Career Transition Programs Programs/Services

First Sun’s one on one consulting along with their assisting our transitioning employees until they find their next job has drastically given us confidence in their commitment to our transitioning employees… Do not believe we got that commitment from our other Big Box OP firm?

-Frank, VP HR Consumer Products

First Sun Consulting, LLC has provided corporate outplacement programs/services to companies transitioning employees since 1991. Now, FSC is proud to announce, ‘Free On-Site Career Transition Programs/Services’ to your transitioning employees. These are the same highly effective re-employment programs/services that will reduce your unemployment and COBRA costs, along with reducing your company’s legal liability.

Below are details and requirements of program:

Workshop space/location Company’s responsibility (on site/off)

  • Programs/services for hourly/non-exempt only: Company has option to purchase $100/employee as an ‘add-on’ for one-one-consultation, resume preparation, assessment, job search questions, networking, etc., i.e., on whatever topic the transitioning employee needs assistance.
  • Employee number: up to 30 people max per workshop ***
  • E-mail listings of employees/company announcements: FSC would like to engage each transitioning employee on our FSC cloud based platforms prior to meeting: Company’s responsibility to provide contact info
  • Printed copies prior to meeting. Company’s responsibility.

*** FSC Free Transitional Programs available in conjunction with Salaried Exempt/Management/Executive Comprehensive Programs… Min 6 Comprehensive programs up to 30 hourly non-exempt Employees Max per Workshop.

Contact us today for a specific proposal for you & your company today.

The Team Members,

First Sun Consulting, LLC