Your #Career : The Best Way to Answer “Why are You Leaving your Job?” Without Making your #Interviewer Worry… There are Many Reasons Why you Might have Left your Last Job, and Not All of Them are Rosy.

Answering the interview question "Why are you leaving your job?" can be difficult.  You want to show your motivations, but also not worry the interviewer.  Emphasize results, be polite, and don't dwell on your current/previous employer. Focus on you. There are many reasons why you might have left your last job, and not all of […]

Your #Career : These Methods Will Finally Help You Organize Your Job Search Better…Don’t Lose Track of your #JobSearch Progress.

When you’re actively looking for a new job, you can’t afford to wing it on the organizational front. Whether you apply for five jobs or 100, you’ll soon find yourself buried in an extraordinary number of resumes, cover letters, job descriptions, and interview invitations. If you don’t keep them carefully organized, you may not identify the […]

#Leadership : Do You Make Bad Decisions? Here’s How to Tell, According to a Professional Poker Player…Educate your Gut, Quantify your Confidence, and Don’t let Bad Choices Get you Down.

Every time a leader makes a decision, she or he is a placing a be--a bet on whether or not to start a business or hire a job candidate or open an office in Paraguay. Framing choices in terms of probabilities and potential outcomes leads to better decisions, and how well you perform depends on both the luck […]

#Leadership : Lessons In Leadership From Alabama Football’s #Saban, Tagovailoa & Hurts… Make Sure you’re Building your #Team for the Future – When it’s your Turn to Be the Next Man Up, be Ready to Go, No Excuses.

So many great moments in last night’s college football championship game. So many people stepping up in different ways. Three stand out as leaders: Coach Nick Saban being ready to make required changes and having the courage to make the changes when he needed to do so; freshman reserve quarterback Tua Tagovailoa stepping up to […]

#Leadership : The Secret To #Teamwork Isn’t Managing Personalities Stop Trying to Turn Everyone into “Team Players.”…Here’s How to Set a Baseline that Everybody can Commit To–No Matter How Different they Are.

When I started out as an illustrator and designer, I focused way too much on myself. I thought I was only expected to do the work I was skilled at, figuring that the task of getting everyone on my team to pull together was our boss’s job, not mine. That assumption wound up hurting me. I […]

#Leadership : 3 Simple Steps To Hold People Accountable…Great #Leaders and #Managers Know these 3 Simple Steps To Hold #PeopleAccountable .

There is a common theme that many leaders struggle with: they don't know how to hold their people accountable. Even if they are great at hiring A players, many leaders still are left with that feeling that their people could be doing more or better work. Rather than first finding fault with the employee, a […]

Your #Career : Even If Your #NewJob Is a Bad Fit, Don’t Quit…How to Evaluate Whether the Challenges Can be Overcome or it’s Really a #ToxicWorkplace.

You’re psyched for your first day on a new job—until you arrive and find your new colleagues miserable, the atmosphere stifling or the boss overbearing and obnoxious. Is it ever OK to quit on your first day? Making a wise decision requires pausing for a moment. The key is to distinguish between challenges you should try […]

Your #Career : Here’s What To Do When Common #CareerAdvice Doesn’t Work For You.. When working with your Former Company’s Sponsored ‘highly processing’ #OutplacementServices & Programs. Here is What you Can Do on your Own.

"After Cattle Call Meeting to Simply Sign Up on their Website. Now What??" You’re  smart enough to spot bad career advice, but what about when you get good advice that you know works for a lot of people, but doesn’t work for you? It can be tempting to throw your hands in the air and say “I […]

Your #Career : Don’t Do These 13 Things on an #Interview (Especially if You Want The Job)…Learn From my Mistakes.

An interview is a lot like a first date. You might be nervous. You might be worried about how you'll be perceived. And you'll definitely be rehearsing what you plan on saying before meeting the other person. The anticipation builds. Excitement increases. And then once you're in the moment itself, hopefully you're able to relax, trust your instincts, and allow your true […]

Your #Career : Starting A #SideProject In 2018? Here’s How To Make It Successful..While some #Projects go on to Become a Full-Time Business, Even the Ones that Eventually Fizzle Out Serve an Important Purpose.

For businesses, giving resources and time to side projects has proven over and over to be worth it. Slack, everyone’s favorite communication hub, started life as a simple tool for a group of game developers. “While some projects do go on to become a full-time business, even the ones that eventually fizzle out serve an […]