#Leadership : Keep Calm and Lead On; How to Speak Like a President…Spend Presidents Day Learning Public Speaking Tips from Past Commanders-in-Chief. Keep Calm and Lead On With your Speech.

Ever wonder what makes a president a great speaker? Why do they orate a cut above the rest of us? We know that presidents are masters of inspiration. One look at a list of presidential quotes proves their talents to persuade, engage and urge the people to accomplish great feats. Hopeful leaders go so far as […]

#Leadership : The 1 Secret to Ditching Bad Habits, and 5 Ways to Permanently Break Free…Bad Habits Rob Us of Time, Money, Energy, and the Results we Need to Live our Best Lives. Here’s How to Finally Release the Bad and Embrace the Good.

We all hang onto a few bad habits like security blankets. They feel so good, especially when we are stressed out or bored. We all know we should be doing things differently. Science proves that our brain is wired to repeatedly engage in bad behavior, even when we know it can be harmful. How do […]

Your #Career : How Not To Discuss Your Strengths And Weaknesses On Job Interviews…You Don’t Have to Be Perfect, you Just Have to be Prepared.

As a job candidate, if you're asked the question, "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" in an interview, it's important to emphasize what you're good at, and minimize—but be truthful about—what you're not. When it comes time to toot your own horn, you need to be specific. Let's say two candidates—we'll call them Francine and […]

Your #Career : Four Secrets Of People Who Finish Their Workweeks On Thursday…Polishing Off the Bulk of your Work Before Friday all Comes Down to your Work Habits from Monday to Thursday.

 We all often face the same problem: The workweek drags by at a glacial pace, while the weekend speeds past us before we even realize what’s happening. Mathematically, of course, it all makes sense. But what if you could change that? What if you could use your time so efficiently that you had all of […]

Your #Career : Six Female Execs On The Early Career Advice They Wish They’d Gotten…Here’s What Leaders at GM, PayPal, SoulCycle, and Twitter Wish They had Known Much Sooner.

 It's easy to assume that the most successful people are expert planners who knew exactly where they wanted to be at each point in their career. That's rarely the case. Much more often, those folks were simply open to new opportunities from the very beginning—they took chances and learned to embrace what made them unique. […]

#Leadership : If Your Potential Managers Don’t Have These 7 Skills, Don’t Promote Them…An Alarming 82 Percent of the Time, Companies Promote the Wrong Person.

According to a 2014 Gallup poll, companies, 82 percent of the time, appoint the wrong person to a management or leadership position. That's a staggering number. And yet it's not inconsistent with either my own experience or other statistics that we see -- such as one, this time from a 2015 Gallup poll, showing that as many as 70 percent of […]

Your #Career : Political Skills to Survive the Narcissistic Leader(or Co-Worker, Spouse, etc.)…Six Things To Keep in Mind

We are all familiar with narcissists. If indeed of late this has gotten much play in the political arena, it is a phenomenon not unique to it. Narcissism, at least in its most subtle form, can emerge among those who are so confident in their vision and capacity that celebration of self may replace or […]

#Leadership : How to Keep Younger Team Members on Task Instead of Snapchat…Channel their Passion and Desire for Meaningful Work into Projects that Give them Real Opportunities to Gain Leadership Experience.

Recent college graduates are jumping at opportunities for leadership, if not creating those opportunities themselves. That kind of energy can be an immense advantage in the workplace. But as you may already have noticed in your own office, that fire sometimes is misdirected. Today’s most promising young employees are competitive and driven. They have intense five-, 10- and […]

#Leadership : 6 Principles for Communicating a Powerful Change Vision…A Great Vision for Change is Only as Good as How and When its Communicated.

As a Navy SEAL, effective communication was tantamount to success in chaotic environments. Similarly, when faced with the inevitable adaptive challenges all organizations encounter many times throughout their lifecycle, communication - or lack thereof - can be the catalyst for success or the most damning piece of the puzzle. Creating, defining and communicating the vision […]

#Leadership : The 7 Inevitable Stages of Pain Before You Succeed…Success is a Climb. It’s a Journey. It’s Lifelong and Built with Undulating and Unpredictable Ups and Downs.

Success is always built upon risk, change, and personal development. The journey teaches you to cope with failure. You learn to get up anyway, and to push onward towards your dreams. Many start their journey with pie-in-the-sky, smooth-road ideals, yet,  success is rarely, if ever, that type of journey. If you want to succeed you […]