Your #Career : The president of Goldman Sachs says the Perfect Résumé Won’t get you the Job — Here’s what Will…A perfect resume isn’t enough to find career success, according to one of the most powerful men on Wall Street.

David Solomon, the president and co-COO of Goldman Sachs, recently shared his best career advice on the firm's podcast, "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs." David Solomon, president and co-COO of Goldman Sachs. He told host Jake Siewert that the resume is not the be-all and end-all. "I see some incredible resumes that over the years come […]

Your #Career : This Job Platform Is For Undergrads Who Get Nowhere On LinkedIn …The days of “it’s Not What you Know, it’s Who you Know” may be Nearing an End Now that College Students can Handshake their way to better Job Opportunities.

“We want to help all students,” emphasizes Lord, who himself managed to score an internship and job offer at Palantir, but saw how others might not have the resources or resilience to do the same. Ever heard of Michigan Tech? The engineering school, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is a full day’s drive from the nearest […]

#Leadership : Here Is Everything You Need To Make Your Conference Calls Not Suck…Follow these Steps If you want to Stop Shouting “Can you Move Closer to the Mic!?”

The phrase many remote workers dread the most: “Let’s jump on a conference call.” That’s because for most, conference calls can be a frustrating and awkward experience. Despite having their mobile or headset pressed tight to their ear, closed off in a quiet room, the remote worker calling in often has trouble hearing the people […]

#Leadership : Do These 4 Things to be Your Company’s Agenda Mover…Utilize the same Skills that Got you this Far and Go the Distance.

The biggest mistake that leaders make is to turn their attention to other business once their idea is showing signs of life. Agenda movers don't take their eye off the ball. The major leadership challenge is to lead innovation and change. In that sense, leaders need to move ideas through the maze of the organization. […]

Your #Career : Just Got Fired? Ask These Five Questions Before You Pack… You might never want to speak to your boss again, but not asking these questions will only hurt you.

As you are about to attend a team meeting at work, your manager asks you to walk with her into an empty room. You are puzzled because this is out of the ordinary. She places a pink slip on the table, and your heart starts to beat faster and faster. These six words come rolling […]

Your #Career : 5 Devastating Career Mistakes Holding You Back…Being Aware of these Blund is the First Step to making Progress.

I've asked dozens of CEOs and very successful people about the mistakes they made. After a while, patterns emerge. Below are the top 5 I've heard. Last week, I wrote about a career mistake that cost me $50,000. It was a very valuable lesson to learn and I've never made the same mistake again. There's definite value in learning from mistakes. But […]

Your #Career : Millennials, Here’s How To Use Your Age To Your Advantage…The Truth I’ve Seen is—the Younger you Are, the Greater the Advantage you have in Terms of Standing Out.

As a 28-year-old millennial I often feel old. When I look at the success I've had in the last 10 years founding multiple six and seven figure companies, speaking on many international stages, singing and performing spoken word for influential global thought leaders, I've realized that my age has never been a factor.   When […]

#Leadership : If You Say Yes To Any of These 7 Questions, You’re Much More Successful Than You Think….Numbers Come and Go, but Feelings are Forever — Especially when those Feelings involve How you Feel about Yourself.

Sometimes comparisons can be useful... but where your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment are concerned, they're definitely not. Like if you constantly you compare yourself to other people. Do that and it's easy to feel unsuccessful. If you're an entrepreneur and you compare yourself to Richard Branson, you won't win. If you're a musician and you compare yourself to Taylor Swift […]

#Leadership : Productivity- 5 Office Perks That Actually Make Your Team Less Productive…These “Anti-Perks” look Good on Paper but have Ugly Unintended Consequences.

Like chocolate and kitten pictures, at first glance perks seem like the kind of thing where more is pretty much always better. Who wouldn't want free food, company ski trips, nifty facilities, or on-site nap pods, right? Which is just the sort of logic that's led many startups to pile on a huge list of benefits. But not everyone is […]

Your #Career : Getting Divorced Or Separated? Here’s How To Handle Things At Work…Take these Five Steps, and you May even Come Out on the Other Side Professionally and Financially Ahead of Where you Were.

You may be fortunate that your split with your spouse or partner is amicable, but there’s still no way around it: You’re going through a major life event, and it’s going to impact your work life, whether you like it or not. But while transitions like these can be difficult, there are a few steps […]