#Leadership : The Future of Work- 7 Skills Managers Will Need In 2025…As you Plan your Management Career Years from Now, Here are the Skills you’ll Need to Succeed.

We all know that the work landscape is changing. The jobs that will be in demand are shifting as more are automated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots. Teams are becoming more disparate and globalization has added new collaboration challenges. At the same time, more millennials are taking on management roles, and even our work spaces will undergo […]

#Leadership : Can You Fire An Employee Because You Hate Their Views? It Depends….Between the Patchwork of Legal Protections and the Details of Companies’ Internal Policies, it’s Rarely an Easy Call to Make.

On August 8, former Google engineer James Damore reportedly filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board, days after the company let him go amid an outcry over a memo he’d written criticizing Google’s diversity initiatives. Later this month, groups of protesters, including those who publicly identify with white nationalist groups, engaged in violent clashes at the University […]

#Leadership : Fighting Sleep Is a Losing Management Strategy. Let Your Employees Take Naps… An Exhausted Employee who Naps is Unproductive for a Few Minutes. One who Doesn’t Nap is Unproductive all Day.

When we hear “naptime,” most of us think of small children who are lucky enough to have sleep scheduled into their day. At some point, these naps stop being scheduled, and it becomes taboo to get rest throughout the day. Unfortunately, this stigma attached to catching some much-needed zzz’s throughout the day is hurting employees’ […]

#Leadership : Research – 6 Things Great Leaders Always Do (But Mere Bosses Typically Fear)….A Top Leadership Scholar Discovers the Most Effective Characteristics that Lead to Successful Company Cultures.

Human beings are inherently designed to be relational. It's how we learn, grow, and survive as a species. In the workplace, it's no different. We long for the same close bonds and connections with colleagues, managers, and customers, in the pursuit of purposeful work and strong collaboration that produce meaningful results. That's why it's inconceivable to […]

#Leadership : How to Sell an Idea to Your Boss (Infographic)…Check Out these Tips and Tricks for Pitching Up the Chain of Command.

Convincing someone to give your idea a shot is no easy task, especially when it’s your boss. While it may sound like a daunting task, pitching new ideas can come easy with a few simply tricks. Related: 15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People For starters, make sure you’re prepared to sell your idea, and that means fully understanding and being able […]

#Leadership : Your Superstar Employee Doesn’t Fit the Company Culture–So Fire Them…You need Only Look to Uber or Wells Fargo to see What Happens when you make Excuses or Turn a Blind Eye to Top Performers’ Actions at the Expense of Culture.

What if you were faced with firing one of your top performers? Not because they weren't performing. Not because they broke a law. But because they were destroying your company's culture from the inside out. Would you know it was the right decision, or would you or other people question your thinking? Would your company survive […]

#Leadership : 7 Psychological Negotiation Tactics that can Save you Money…No One Wants to Be “That Guy” or “That Girl,” the One who Didn’t try to Save Money or Take the Necessary Steps to Find a Better Deal.

MM note: Negotiation is at the heart of selling, making, and saving more money. It's truly an art and the more you practice the better you get. And the better you get at negotiating the more mone you can save (& make!). Through a recent conversation, I asked MM reader Win Warfield (yes, coolest name […]

#Leadership : 7 Ways Leaders Can Develop Mental Strength in Employees…Mental strength can keep a team going when the odds are stacked against them.

Mental strength can keep a team going when the odds are stacked against them. As a leader, you can and should help develop the mental strength and toughness of your team members. You have to help them get back up when there are setbacks and failures. Here are seven top ways to do it. 1. Show Them the Wins […]

#Leadership : #Productivity – 8 Things the 1% Do That the 99% Doesn’t… Success is Not a Coincidence. It is Achieved on Purpose.

The difference between what makes some people successful and others not successful is that the highly accomplished have learned to do what the majority of people do not. Being a part of the top 1% isn't a matter of luck. It is all about decisions, incredible focus, and discipline. Let's look at the 8 top things they do […]

#Leadership : #ConflictResolution – Before You Get Involved In Office Drama, Ask Yourself These 3 Questions….You’re a Leader, Not a Babysitter.

We spend at least 35 percent of our lives at work. Eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. And that's the minimum. Factor in business travel, late-nights at the office, and work events on evenings and weekends, and it's no wonder why many of us see our colleagues more than our families. […]