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#Leadership : 10 Simple Questions The Most Exceptional Leaders Ask Themselves (To Discover Their Values)…Values Make and Break Leaders.

Each leader is unique. I've worked for and been inspired by a wide-range of leaders--some of whom were silent and led by example. Others who, through their display of confidence, put others at ease. And some who embraced their authoritarian values, ran a tight ship, but did so in a clear, explicit manner that created effective teamwork […]

#Leadership : The 4 Things Every Great Speaker Must Do Before Delivering a Presentation…Warm-Up Like an Actor, Perform Like an Athlete, Succeed Like the Speaker you Are.

What do athletes, actors and speakers have in common? They need to perform--and do it well. With every public speaking engagement, speakers need to "step up to the plate" and "hit their mark." Eloquent delivery and an authoritative persona are part of the game. And the reason much of the same language is used to describe competent athletes, actors […]

#Leadership : Break Down Your Team’s Silos With This One Simple Step…When Managing a Global Team, it’s Easy to Break into Silos — but it’s Even easier to Break Out of Them.

Workplace silos are a widespread problem. It's easy for groups and teams within a company to develop their own processes, cultures, and goals and rarely communicate with one another or align company-wide. In my work as a global business coach, I have observed that the problem of silos is most prevalent -- and challenging to avoid -- when working with global teams. Take my […]

#Leadership : 10 Tips for Dealing With Workplace Harassment…Harassment can Makes us Feel Uncomfortable, and even Worse, it can Make us feel Unsafe. Here are 10 Ways to Deal with it Effectively.

This month it's been Harvey Weinstein and Roy Price in the headlines. Not long ago it was Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly and numerous other Fox News staffers, and before that it was Bill Cosby. When someone famous is caught in the act of harassment, it gets people's attention. But most harassment stories--especially workplace harassment--never make […]

#Leadership : Conflict Management – If You’re Going to Fight, Fight Early….Facing Conflict Head On, Asserting yourself and Getting on the Same Page is Critical to Success.

Over the years, I've seen many prospects, clients and colleagues gloss over trouble spots and skirt reality to win business, keep the meeting going or avoid confrontation. Later, when those issues surface mid-project or mid-relationship, everyone wants to poke their eyes out. All relationships face conflict, and almost all relationships have fights. Many of us […]

#Leadership : How Under Armour Built The Highest Rated Internship Program In The Country…When a Company Prioritizes People as its Primary Investment, it Sees a much Greater Return.

Internships are a great way for millennials to explore careers without fully committing to a full-time job. Learning about the unique nature of a particular field helps young people discover clarity on what they actually want to do for their career. Not only that, but countless studies indicate that internships are still one of the […]

#Leadership : Google Offers Help to Industries it Helps to Destroy……..The Money($1Billion) will go to Projects that Offer Training & Career Coaching to People Short on Skills for a Rapidly Digitizing Economy.

TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO, a young Indian engineer named Sundar Pichai boarded a plane for the first time, to fly to Pittsburgh. Thursday, he returned to Pittsburgh as CEO of Google, and announced plans to give away $1 billion. The money will go to projects that offer training and career coaching to people short on skills for a […]

#Leadership : Since Your Brain Constantly Compares You With Everyone Else, Try This…Social comparisons sometimes make us feel better and sometimes don’t. Here’s how to use that tendency to actually get better.

Your brain is a comparison engine. In every new situation, it automatically rifles through your memory of every other situation you’ve encountered in the past. It swiftly finds one or a few that are similar to the current scenario, then uses that information to figure out what to do next. Most of the time, you […]

#Leadership : 18 Hard Things to Do If You Want to Be A Successful Leaders…Everyone can Rise Above their Circumstances and Achieve Success If they are Dedicated about What they Do.

Nobody ever said that being a leader would be easy. If you've taken more than a couple of steps down the path, you know that leadership comes with challenges and complications at every stage. Becoming a successful leader is synonymous with becoming the best version of yourself--it's that simple and also that difficult. Here are 18 hard things you will […]

Your #Career : 8 Tips for Job Hunting While You’re Still Employed… Job Hunting While you’re Still Working in your Current Position can be a Double-Edged Sword.

 Candidates who are employed are typically more attractive to employers. However, it can be dangerous. Learn what it takes to balance your current job and your career search--without getting cut. Looking for a job requires a lot of time and effort on your part and it isn't something you should enter into lightly. Conducting a […]